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Regal Security & Industry Training RTO 32331Regal Training students are competent and capable to thrive and achieve career goals in the security industry, trained by qualified TAE trainer/assessors sharing their wealth of first aid/CPR, security functions & firearms safety ‘on-the-job’ knowledge, skills and task skills experience.

Regulatory ASQA RTO compliance since 2010 and QLD government funded provider of Certificate 3 Guarantee programs since 2016 with a team of highly reputable, experienced first aid/CPR, security and senior weapons instructors  – it’s no wonder Regal Training sets the highest training standards for QLD security /  weapon licence applications; refresher or weapon re-qual courses – Gold Coast to Cairns and Australia-wide!

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Regal Training, Southport offers Certegy Ezi-Pay humm budget-friendly interest free program or course fee plans e.g CII in Security Operations  = $60p/wk (5 months).

No certification/s delay on competent completion!

Check FAQ’s and call 07 56790110 to book an appointment for application completion and deposit (per % of training fee) reciepting before program / course enrolment and training plan course booking/s.

Eligibility: 18 yrs+, working min. 25hrs p/wk, non-bankrupt, Australian citizenship.

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QLD Government subsidised funding
PQS Training Provider RTO 32331
since 2016
Skills Assure Supplier
 01/07/2020 – 30/6/2021


Certificate 3 Guarantee Programs

CPP20218 CII in Security Operations, or CPP30607 CIII in Investigative Services 

Student enrolment fee


Non-concessional fee $50
Concessional fee $15

Blended theory (knowledge, skills) & practical (task skills) learning in a safe, fun, interactive environment!

Transfer your  Australian industry (public / private) sector workplace + people-skills to the QLD security industry!

Select your Program or Course (below) for eligibility, participation, certification & fee information!

Complete enrolment form & provide eligibility documents for course date/s confirmation!  

 Book your preferred study day / time Regal Training Study Sessions for theory completion guidance!

PROGRAMS / COURSES: New QLD Security Licence; Current QLD security licence - single/ multi-function upgrade; licence Ongoing (Refresher) training

CPP20218 CII in Security Operations Program (R2)  – New QLD security licence applicants

Approved Skills Assure Certificate 3 Guarantee Program on the QLD Department of Education, Small Business and Training Annual VET Priority Skills List 2020-2021 for eligible QLD residents – call 07 56790110 to confirm!

CPP31318 CIII in Security Operations Program current QLD security licence holders only for unarmed Security Officer professional development for security career advancement opportunities

CPP31418 CIII in Close Protection Operations Bodyguard function

CPP30607 CIII in Investigative Services Private Investigator function

Approved Skills Assure Certificate 3 Guarantee Program on the QLD Department of Education, Small Business and Training Annual VET Priority Skills List 2020-2021 for eligible QLD residents – call 07 56790110 to confirm!

  • QLD security licence function upgrade;  licence to verify your own (ABN) P.I services or professional development for public services or private sector compliance career opportunities!

Monitoring, C.I.T functions – Upgrade Kits available!  Enhance your security career opportunities – in QLD and mutual recognition for interstate security career options!

Security Licence function Ongoing Training (Refresher) Courses for QLD security licence holders of Crowd Control, Bodyguard function holders

  • QLD Office of Fair Trading: Provide CPR and/or security function renewal notice training units from 21/01/2020 for completion prior licence function expiry date/s:
  • Annual Refresher: HLTAID001 Provide CPR  from date of prior certificate issuance; or
  • Tri-annual (3 yearly): CPPSEC3101, CPPSEC31212 crowd control units + HLTAID006 Advanced First Aid  from date of initial/prior certificate issuance


COURSES: Provide First Aid/CPR, Provide Advanced First Aid; Annual/Tri-Annual Refreshers; Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
COURSES: QLD Weapon Licence and/or QLD Weapon (Guard) Licence Application - Firearms Safety Course; Licence annual Requalification

Firearms Safety Course training transcript for inclusion in QLD Weapons Licence Application

Firearms Safety Course training transcript for inclusion in QLD Weapons (Guard) Licence Application

  • Security Firearms Safety Course
    • Also available in Cairns, QLD – Call Tom Obah on 0400 598198 to confirm your booking needs   
    • Current Cash-in-Transit security function holders only                                  
  • Security Weapons Requalification
    • Also available in Cairns, QLD – Call Tom Obah on 0400 598198 to confirm your booking needs 
      • For current Weapons (Guard) Licence holders prior to licence expiry date

Regal Security & Industry Training is a training RTO provider and NOT a CRICOS RTO provider.

International Visa holders: Please contact the Department of Home Affairs or access International Student, Study or Work visa information, if required or access approved QLD CRICOS RTO provider’s and their locations for more information.  All Visa holders must provide their current Visa Entitlement Verification Online – VEVO  Report to verify study/training eligibility and conditions to enrol in Australian (QLD licence) security industry training to [email protected] before appointment booking of program/course pre-enrolment process. Additional verification may also be requested to confirm non-CRICOS RTO training eligibility to ensure attainment of training records meet the QLD security licence application process, and RTO 32331 (Vocational Education Training) abidance to ASQA regulatory and ESOS Act (2000) compliance. The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) sets out the legal framework governing delivery of education to international students in Australia on a student visa. It is an offence under the ESOS Act 2000 for a registered training organisation (RTO) to provide training to an international student on a student or relevant visa, unless the training organisation holds registration and is an approved Australian education provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – CRICOS.

COURSES: Youth Skills - First Aid/CPR; Refreshers; 10618NAT (under 18 years of age with parental/guardian consent)

Youth Skills Courses

COURSE: Armed Robbery Awareness
Welcome to check out prior Regal student’s & graduate’s program/course participation feedback on Google Reviews
(optional, agreed student course evaluation feedback provided only)
Student feedback - First Aid/CPR incl. Security licence Refresher Courses

Key: (F) Full Program; (FP) Funded Program; (C) Course; (R) security licence & first aid/CPR refresher or currency refresher course

02 October ( (R) 4 + 7 (FP) students); 16 October ( (R) 5 + 1 (F) + 6 (FP) students);  30 October (R) 2 + 1 (F) + 1 (FP) students; 13 November ( (R) 3 + 2 (FP) students)

18 September (7 students)

  • (FP)  Trainer was very clear with his training instructions and got the class involved; best part of the course – learning CPR compressions. M.F
  • (FP)  Was good with positive feedback; best part of the course – learning proper CPR. T.AF
  • (FP)  Was spot on; ability to perform CPR confidently. M.E
  • (FP)  Trainer was very supportive in showing compression technique; best part of the course – learnt compression technique properly. K.E
  • (FP)  Yip – was nice and helpful; learnt a lot to help me with first aid; best part of the course – CPR. J.W

04 September (8 students)

  • (F)    Great support, new ways of CPR; best part of course – refresh of CPR. R.B
  • (FP)  Valuable support from trainer who is very experienced; learnt several new first aid techniques I wasn’t aware of; best part of the course – learning the new content which has changed in ten years. H.J
  • (FP)  Very good; best part of the course – knowing how to respond i.e AED & CPR – hands-on training. K.B
  • (R)    Best part of the course – learning new things and learning the correct way to do things. J.E

21 August  (8 students)

  • (FP)  Awesome; extra knowledge. M.O
  • (R)   Great experience, well done; best part of the course – trainer knowledge of first aid. D.H
  • (FP)  Amazing, great; best part of the course – Rob. L.T
  • (FP)  Learning experience outcome – good knowledge; best part of the course – the way that Rob teaches. M.A
  • (FP)  Very good trainer who explains well; learnt more about CPR – best part of the course – helpful trainer. G.M

07 August  (11 students)

  • (R)   Good experience provided easy understandable training experience; the trainer gave positive communication and explanations, giving me confidence to do first aid/CPR; best part of the course – having the ability to apply first aid/CPR & to deal with accidents; best part of the course – having a capable trainer in a casual atmosphere who was eager to help and explain the tasks. J.W
  • (FP)  Well conducted, friendly, clear & to the point; everyone had a chance to touch, feel & partake in the exercises; best part of the course – listen to other people’s views and experiences. D.A
Student feedback - Security (single & multi-function) Program / Courses

Key: (F) Full Program; (FP) Funded Program;  (SF) Security function – current security licence upgrade

14 & 15 October (10 / 11 students);  28 October (3 students); 11 & 12 November (4 / 5 students) 

30 September & 01 October (8 / 6 students)

  • (FP)  Excellent, good language & experience & involvement: best part of the course was crowd control – dealing with scenarios, J.B
  • (FP)  Very good experience; best part of the course – dealing with different situations. B.P 

16 & 17 September (7 / 8 students)

  • (FP)  I have gained alot of great knowledge to help me in the security industry; best part of the course – learning the laws (legislation) of security (the do’s and don’ts) when dealing with patrons in a venue. T.AF
  • (FP)  Great to learn and be taught; best part of the course – all of it was fun and learnt a lot. J.W
  • (FP)  Best part of the course – the trainer – being part of the class felt welcoming. B.H
  • (FP)  Really enjoyed the environment of the program – interactive i.e using the radios and communication for monitoring; best part of the course – learning the physical and non-physical. E.C
  • (FP)   Trainer was easy to deal with, very personable, great knowledge of the industry. Learning experience for me was to be more confident dealing with all walks of life and be able to defuse any situation. M.F

05 & 06 August (4 / 5 students)

  • (FP) Feeling confident in the security industry – learnt lots of things. M.A
  • (F)   Loved the practical side of the course – getting outdoors, not just classroom work. A.B
  • (FP) Very good support; best part of the course – the practicals. C.S
Student feedback - Security Firearms Safety; 10618NAT; ReQual Courses

Key: (S) Security Firearms Safety; (N) 10618NAT – Firearms Safety; (ARQ) Annual Re-Qualification – (S) & (N)

7 – 9 October ( (ARQ) 2 + 1 (ARQ S) students); 21 – 23 October (2 (S) students)

  • (S) Really good mix of theory and practical with good help running through everything thoroughly; best part of the course – practical & shooting range. L.D

11 September (3 students)

  • (ARQ / S) Good team who helped me when I needed it; learning experience very good; best part of the course – it was easy to follow and painless, process solid instructions. J.J.C
  • (ARQ / S) Fantastic trainer explaining and showing what to do with very good instructions; learning experience all positive, experience learnt in safe environment; best part of the course – learning safely to expand skill set. J.S

05 August (4 students)

  • (S) Good experience, very informative. A.M
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