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CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations Program Package components


1. CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations  Program (R3)14 Units of Competency
2. HLTAID011 Provide First Aid and HLTAID009 CPR Course
3. SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol Course – RSA

Certification is mandatory to meet QLD OLGR Liquor certification requirements for Liquor Licensees, their employees and Security Crowd Control Officers on premises and at permitted events.

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Step 1 - Enrolment & Student Kit Induction

Call, come into the office/training venue at 1/42 Nerang Street, Southport, to verify program eligibility or provide  Program Enrolment Form online and return to [email protected] with program eligibility documents for verification, program fee receipt; program induction of your program learning student kit resources and assessment tools and trainer support details.

Student Kit design ensures each security function (theory and task skills) assessment tools are met with holistic (clustered units) for theory (knowledge and skills) applicable to security licence function competency.

Unarmed Security Officer     Crowd Control     

Student Kit resources

Program Introduction Kit includes the AQF level II qualification specifications and unit element performance criteria descriptors in the theory (knowledge, skills) and practical demonstrations (task skills) assessment tools meeting the Principles and Rules of Evidence for assessment of a security private investigator ‘on-the-job’ competency in the security or private industry or public service.

  1. Guide content/links for self-paced study to complete:
  2. Workbook – Theory (knowledge and skills) activities, with ability to include examples of your relevant transferrable workplace key competencies to security licence function/s
  3. Practical (task skills and theory) case study demonstration with underpinning theory knowledge/skills questions to confirm authenticity of student workbook completion in  ‘real-life’ security function incidents.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Call to confirm RPL pathway suitability in the RPL initial competency conversation with your trainer to confirm ability to provide RPL Kit support documents to the program assessment tools and gap-training options.

Your Student Kit resources will be emailed to you – before you get home!!
Step 2 - Student Kit - Theory and Task skills completion
Download and save your Student Kit resources for self-paced learning
Study full/part time, after work or weekends – whatever suits you best!


Self-paced Learning Support & Guidance: Call 07 5679 0110; email [email protected] or book a study session at the Regal training venue at 1/42 Nerang St, Southport, or for LLN learner support activities aligning to adult learning principles agreed by trainer/student in the pre-enrolment process.

Regal student’s training plan – self-paced study, study sessions and practical course date planning + theory resources overview supports individual work/life commitments and timely, competent program completion with return of each program component theory workbook – (1) First Aid & CPR, (2) security function SoP,  ‘on-the-job’ and RSA workbooks for timely workbook assessment and feedback before demonstrating knowledge/skills in practical security case study task skills demonstrations to assessment guidelines. We offer free post-program security function workshops for all Regal Training students during the QLD security licence application process (4-6 weeks) period to ensure ‘on-the-job’ readiness to apply for a wide range of security industry employment opportunities! 

Pre-Study – Introduction Kit – Unit of Competency element performance criteria (knowledge, skills and task skill) descriptors and assessment evidence types to be assessed in Workbook and Course assignment participation.

1. Guide study for Workbook completion reflecting Guide learning and transferrable workplace core skills/knowledge to the security function type with ‘action verb” questions e.g ‘describe’, ‘detail’, ‘explain’, ‘outline’ etc., to reflect your response relevant to a:

  • security officer’s licence functions job opportunity – over the phone or at interview; or
  • colleague; supervisor; client; patrons; support services or bystanders.

2. Submit Workbook for assessment in person, by mail or to [email protected] for timely feedback of 2nd assessment evidence gap activity/s completion confirmed with your trainer/assessor.

3. Attend pre-booked first aid/CPR and security functions  Course confirmed on post-program enrolment Training Plan for practical (task skills and theory) case study demonstration tasks in a safe learning environment with trainer ‘on-the-ground’ experience to reinforce practical task skills and theory competency. Check FAQ information that may assist you e.g #10 public transport and parking locations for practical course attendance.

We provide a safe learning environment with the ability to learn, practice and demonstrate security skills, knowledge e.g security PPE and equipment, communication styles, open hand restraints (non/liquor licenced venue crowd control techniques), and lots more, with effective interpersonal, communication, security risk assessment and various incident reporting activities for on-the-job readiness to meet legislative and client organisational requirements.

Each students’ pre-enrolment LLN and/or support adjustments, if required for self-paced study time planning and theory workbook completion prior to practical course demonstrations and, if required, 2nd assessment task completion will vary – dependant on work/life balance and commitments and current/recent workplace competency skills transferrable to the security industry validate the required rigour and depth of training duration for competent program/course completion to the program package assessment tool requirements, as detailed in the Regal Security and Industry Training RTO 32331 – CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations Training and Assessment Strategy.

Step 3 - Assessment Outcome and Evaluation
Certification (training record)

Competent program completion will result in issuance of:

  1. CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations Program qualification with unit transcript to meet each security function training requirement
  2. HLTAID011 Provide First Aid and HLTAID009 Provide CPR statement of attainment with unit transcript – if not already completed
  3. SITHFAB021 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol statement of attainment – if not already completed

Provide training records for submission with support documents and fee with the QLD security licence application at the QLD Office of Fair Trading office for (4-6 week) processing.

A Statement of Attainment for units competently completed will be provided in lieu of full CPP20818 Certifiate II in Security Operations qualification, if applicable which will impact on ability to meet a Security licence – function training requirements.

  • Student file administration fee of $20 for original certificate replacement requests will apply.

Program Evaluation Form completion contributes to the Regal Security & Industry Training RTO 32331 Scope of Program/Course resources and delivery/assessment validation process, and for optional inclusion on our Student Testimonial webpage.

Your direct feedback on Google Review is most welcomed!

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