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RTO 3rd Party Arrangements

Regal Security & Industry Training RTO 32331

Experienced and professional Security Industry and Weapons Safety Instructors
Qualified TAE40116 Trainer/Assessor – Regal Training Providers

Our team of experienced trainer/assessors have years of  ‘on-the-ground’  security industry, first aid/CPR and (applicable provider) weapons instructor savvy, providing experiential, interactive student support and guidance in the delivery & assessment of Regal Training RTO 32331 scope of VET nationally recognised qualifications program packages, programs, courses, annual CPR and triennial (3 yearly) ongoing training for Crowd Control / Bodyguard functions and; HLTAID007 Advanced First Aid (direct or referral) for QLD security licencees and/or weapons licence application training requirements on the Gold Coast – Burleigh Heads, Arundel, Woolloongabba, Stanthorpe and Cairns. 

Regal Training Head Office in Southport actively monitors compliance of RTO 32331 3rd party providers to ensure abidance of Service Agreements, revisions and updates to meet AQF Qualification Issuance Policy; ASQA Standards for RTOs C/2.3, 2.4 and actively assisting international students with study Visa enquiries and CRICOS RTO locations.

Regal Security & Industry Training is a Vocational Education Training (VET) RTO provider and NOT a CRICOS RTO provider

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Compliance of Trainer/Assessor competency

Regal Security & Industry Training (Regal Training) security training reputation reflects the confidence of prospective security providers and clients when employing qualified security officers trained to Regal Security and Industry Training RTO 32331 scope of training package assessment instruments competency reflected in  ASQA regulatory compliance since 2010 including evidence of;

  • Regal Security & Industry Training (Regal Training) Head Office, Southport Gold Coast and their RTO 32331 – 3rd Party Provider Service Agreements prior to 01/09/2019 of qualified trainer, assessors and weapon instructors with security and firearms safety industry currency and current QLD security licence functions for delivery/assessment of QLD security licence – functions; QLD Weapon (Guard) licence and 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety; First Aid/CPR; Advanced First Aid and RSA
  • Maintaining professional development activities and awareness of security industry and firearms safety regulatory & licencing updates and development in knowledge and practice of vocational and competency-based training and assessment
  • TAE40110 upgrade or TAE40116 CIV in Training and Assessment certification from 01/07/2019; (ASQA Standards for RTOs – Standard 4 C/1.13, 1.14, 1.16) 
  • RTO Third Party Arrangement – marketing and advertising for recruitment of students from 01/01/2020 to use the name of the RTO (ASQA Standards for RTOs – Chapter 1 Clause 4.1 Provide accurate and accessible information to prospective and current students);
    • Option of: (1) direct link and description to Regal Security & Industry website – Forms (program/course eligibility, Handbook, enrolment forms) and Programs and Course (overview, pre-requisite, eligibility, enrolment and blended learning student participation and assessment process) to own website with profile of trainer/assessor qualifications, security industry experience and VET RTO professional development or (2) program / course and enrolment description, clearly identifying Regal Security & Industry RTO 32331 address and contact number, with trainer/assessor profile, and/or (3) hardcopy of Regal Security & Industry Training Forms and Program and Course website content, with trainer/assessor profile for potential candidate information.
  • Student evaluation feedback

  • First Aid and CPR Course;  CPR Course, Advanced First Aid Course  (Adults and Youth)
  • CPP20218 CII in Security Operations – new QLD security licence holders, with ability to complete CIII programs on competent program certification
  • CPP31318 CIII in Security Operations Program Package – current QLD security licence applicants
  • CPP31418 CIII in Security Operations; licence function courses; annual / triennial ongoing crowd control / bodyguard courses – current QLD security licence holders
  • SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol – RSA

Burleigh Heads  QLD Adult Learning Security – QALS Training   Ph: 0403 135233   [email protected]

Arundel               Omega Security Consultants/Global Tactical Solution   Ph: 0755 946650    [email protected]

Woolloongabba  Achieve Corporate Services Ph: 07 3391 3817 or Contact Us               

Fairfield               Hill Training Solutions   Ph: 0408 217 031    Mr Ronald Hill   [email protected]


For current security licence (Cash-in-Transit) function holders:

  • Security Firearms Safety Course
  • Security Weapon Re-Qualification Course
  • Batons and Handcuffs Course

10618NAT Course in Weapons Safety and Re-Qualification Course    (Adults and Youth)

Arundel                Omega Security Consultants/Global Tactical Solution Ph: 0755 946650   [email protected]

Woolloongabba   Achieve Corporate Services  Ph: 07 3391 3817 or Contact Us

Stanthorpe           Mr Anthony Chadburn  Ph: 0400 117 562   [email protected]

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