At any type of event where large crowds are involved, the scenario can be particularly challenging. This situation is heightened further if the consumption of alcohol is a part of the event, as drunken crowds are harder to control than a crowd of sober people.

Effective methods for crowd control can vary depending on the kind of event being held. For example, those attending a trade show are far less likely to be unruly as compared to crowds filing in and out of a rock concert where alcohol is being served.

Planning Is the key

Planning in advance how best to organise the event and deal with the swelling crowds will go a long way towards helping the event run smoothly. Organisers first need to employ the services of a reputable and effective security services company that has a specialist team to deal with crowd control. Organisers should map out the plan with the security services company, where approximate numbers of attendees are worked out, the proposed routes crowds of people will be taking when on the move, possible trouble spots, and contingency plans if something does go wrong.

Barricades and Access Points

Allocating certain access points while erecting barricades for no go zones is one of the most efficient methods to get crowds to move in the direction you want them to go. Placing an obstruction near an access point can actually help avoid a bottleneck situation, as people are forced to split up into two lines to get around the obstacle and gain entrance through a doorway. Your security services team will be able to advise you on the most effective use of barricades and where access points should be.

Communication Is Vital

All staff working at the event, as well as the security guards and crowd controllers provided by the security services company, should all be versed in how to effectively communicate with the crowds as they enter and exit the event, as well as during the event itself. People will often have questions, and all staff should be able to provide the answers. Effective communication, delivered in a firm, but calm and respectful manner, can also go a long way towards settling many disputes or conflicts that may arise.

Hire the Best In Crowd Control

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