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We quite simply provide the best security services and security training on the Gold Coast

Regal Security & Industry Training Pty Ltd has more than two decades of experience in the security industry. We’ve seen the industry change, and with our dedication to providing the best security service and the most fully comprehensive security programs/courses, we have helped shape the landscape of security on the Gold Coast.

Security services on the Gold Coast are forever changing

From humble beginnings as a crowd controller in hospitality, Rob is the owner of Regal Security & Industry Training, and has seen how the security services industry is constantly changing and evolving. As technology has been brought into a wide range of areas, the rules and regulations have also changed considerably. As the rules and laws change, so do the tactics used by Regal Security & Industry Training – that’s why with pride, we provide an extra level of customer care, so when you need a security service that can add value to your company as well as protection, there is no better solution.

Seeing the industry evolve first-hand means that Regal Security & Industry Training is not training blindly – we have a daily insight into how the security service industry is changing and we are constantly updating and amending our security training courses to better reflect the current state-of-play, arming you with the tools to succeed.

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We break the mould for security services and programs/courses for security and weapons licence applications on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in static security, access control, crowd control, VIP protection, K9 security & private investigation Regal Security & Industry Training takes their responsibility for safety seriously. Rob Basile worked for a variety of companies in his early career and has seen the effects of both good and bad training on the quality of a security services. Spending time working on and honing his security skills, knowledge and aptitude, he has developed a solid understanding of what is required to provide security, safety and protection to a range of different industries.

Our security programs/courses and security services evolves all the time

Our methodologies and practices are constantly evolving, we don’t just train the public and our security services team, all our trainers are constantly upskilling, uptraining and updating their trade, so you get the most up to date solutions.

Course volume of learning and duration – We are committed to ensuring each students’ volume and duration of learning reflects competent certification to AQF CIII program training package Unit of Competency/s evidence guide requirements, and is adjusted accordingly to reflect the percentage of the total unit/s of competency in a training package, or for security function course completion meeting AQF Principles of Assessment and C.A.V.S (current, authentic, valid, sufficient) assessment guidelines; ASQA Standards for RTOs and QLD government VET funded program PQS provider compliance requirements.

Each students’ LLN and/or support for self-paced study time planning and completion prior to practical course and if required, 2nd assessment task completion will vary – dependant on work/life balance and commitments and their workplace competency skills transferrable to the security industry identified in the program/course pre-enrolment process to validate the required rigour and depth of training duration for competent program/course completion to the program package assessment tool requirements.

The CPP20218, CPP31318 and CPP31418 program training and assessment strategy includes post-program/course optional licence function workshops for theory (knowledge and skills) and task skill honing during the security licence application and/or licence function update processing period.

Quite Simply – We Care

Everything we do and everything we stand for is to provide the very best in security services and security programs/courses on the Gold Coast. Our guards not only look sharp, but they go above and beyond to learn details about the venue to add an extra level of customer service to your clients.
We want everyone to have a safe and satisfying experience, no matter what the occasion, so for peace of mind call the professionals at Regal Security & Industry Training.

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