Working the graveyard shift in any business that is open 24 hours can be a challenge in a number of ways for the business owner, management and the staff on duty during those wee hours of the morning. One of the greatest challenges is ensuring the safety of the employees and the business, as 24 hour businesses – particularly places like service stations and convenience stores – can become a target of thieves and other undesirables. Businesses also often have to contend with the drinking crowd.

Some basic tips for keeping things safe.

Hire a Security Guard

Depending on the size of your business, maybe even several security guards might be necessary. Not only will a trained security guard be able to protect employees and the business should an incident arise, security guards merely being present works wonderfully as a deterrent to troublemakers.

CCTV Cameras

These are something every business should have. In some ways they can be a deterrent to trouble starting, and the fact that the cameras record everything taking place makes for great evidence to capture and convict criminals.

Staff Training

All staff should receive some training on procedures to take and what not to do in the case of a robbery or other incident. Often remaining calm is one of the best methods of defence in situations like these. It’s not easy, but the confidence gained from effective staff training goes a long way towards ensuring incidents are handled in the safest manner possible. In reality, all staff should receive some training in how to handle situations should trouble ever arise.

Security Services Gold Coast and Brisbane

Regal Security & Industry Training offer the very best in security services in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. All of our security guards are highly trained professionals. And just as importantly, our staff have also mastered the art of effective communication and inter-personal skills. This goes a long way towards placating disputes in a peaceful manner.

If you operate a 24 hour business, don’t leave things to chance. Hire the expert security services of Regal Security. We’ll keep your business and staff safe after dark.
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