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For any high profile yet extremely sensitive role requiring tactful services without compromise to personal security, the Regal Elite Protection Squad (R.E.P.S) is your solution.

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Our industry leading teams have been specially selected and groomed for the most sensitive roles. Boasting flawless presentation standards and first class interpersonal skills, members of the R.E.P.S have completed an incredibly thorough screening process and accredited Close Personal Protection training

To ensure our clients are the safest in any environment, the R.E.P.S are engaged in ongoing coaching and mentoring from our highly skilled management team and are heavily involved in elite tactical training designed by ex-military and martial arts experts.

We pride ourselves on the diverse and highly skilled background of our specialist squad.
We also promise our complete commitment to the safety and comfort of our clients.

High profile individuals in all walks of life are targets for those who seek notoriety, financial compensation, or political leverage for their given cause.
The R.E.P.S will design a protection plan customised to meet the needs of each individual so that they can maintain a normal lifestyle yet maintain their individual and group security. Regal has the personnel to provide a discreet and professional service for any VIP.

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