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What Regal Training students told us of their first aid/CPR & security functions ‘on-the-job’ task skills & security licence refresher training experiences!  

Regal student course evaluation feedback (student file and/or on webpage); ASQA student participation survey responses; post-program 3 monthly survey and direct feedback from security providers and business owners ensures we continue to monitor & review the quality of program/course induction, support, delivery & assessment ethos for highly effective blended learning methods for attainment of nationally recognised qualifications/SoA certifications as an engaging, empowering and memorable learning experiences!!

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Why? Regal student capability & confidence for ‘on-the-job’ security & safety of self, people & premises – is our Priority!
Thanks Regal students! We really appreciate sharing your training experiences for new security industry trainees! 
2019 - Student Program & Courses Evaluation Feedback


2019 – Check out current / recent student feedback on the Program & Courses page – come in or call for your personalised training plan & practical (task skills) course bookings!

Student’s complete post-course Evaluation Forms with option of feedback inclusion on this website.

Key: (F) Full Program / (FP) QLD Funded Certificate 3 Guarantee Program component; (R) Refresher

Security function Courses


  • (FP)  Excellent, good language & experience & involvement: best part of the course was crowd control – dealing with scenarios, J.B
  • (FP)  Very good experience; best part of the course – dealing with different situations. B.P


  • (FP)  I have gained alot of great knowledge to help me in the security industry; best part of the course – learning the laws (legislation) of security (the do’s and don’ts) when dealing with patrons in a venue. T.AF
  • (FP)  Great to learn and be taught; best part of the course – all of it was fun and learnt a lot. J.W
  • (FP)  Best part of the course – the trainer – being part of the class felt welcoming. B.H
  • (FP)  Really enjoyed the environment of the program – interactive i.e using the radios and communication for monitoring; best part of the course – learning the physical and non-physical. E.C
  • (FP)   Trainer was easy to deal with, very personable, great knowledge of the industry. Learning experience for me was to be more confident dealing with all walks of life and be able to defuse any situation. M.F


  • (FP) Feeling confident in the security industry – learnt lots of things. M.A
  • (F)   Loved the practical side of the course – getting outdoors, not just classroom work. A.B
  • (FP) Very good support; best part of the course – the practicals. C.S


  • (FP) Things were explained clearly & professionally; gain valuable learning experience & secure employment in this industry; the best part of the course – learning something new. W.H
  • (FP)  Helpful & supportive; best part of the course – being taught & having the support of Annette was terrific. S.L
  • (FP)  Trainer was very engaging & communicated well; was respectful, knowledgeable & easy to listen to; learning experience of knowledge of different aspects of security e.g OH&S; what is needed to do the job – communication is the key. Best part of the course – learning that there is a role for females as the time of muscle men is gone & don’t have to be big to succeed. M.S
  • (FP)   Very open with easy options to ask questions; learning experience of trainer’s ability to share authentic experiences added to the value of this course; the best part of the course – change in understanding of how security is now versus my past experiences & ability to express them. M.Mc
  • (FP)   Trainer was professional & approachable making the training experience easy & enjoyable; learning experience of believing I will be able to apply the training provided to my future career in security work. D.P
  • (FP)   Excellent face-face training & additional industry info & tips; learning experience of more confidence when obtaining fulltime work in the security industry; best part of the course – gaining knowledge of real world situations & understanding procedures within the security industry. L.O
  • (FP)   A+++. S.D
  • (F.P)  Trainer was well spoken & showed support in learning; learning experience of obtaining knowledge about the security sector which will enable me to gain employment in the industry; best part of the course – learning new skills. H.H
  • (FP) Trainer support at Regal is excellent; able to participate in all exercises & how to deal with situations correctly e.g hand restraints & how to calm a situation. C.W


  • (FP)  Informative & transparent trainer experience in the industry; best part of course – practicality. L.G
  • (FP)  Made sure all questions/queries were answered. I now feel confident in performing all security role; best part of course – listening to real world experiences & doing practical activities. J.K
  • (FP)  Best part of course – self-paced with plenty of time to complete course with experienced trainer. G.T
  • (FP)  Trainer support was great, easy to participate & good experience stories to help understand; best part of course – practical activities e.g 2-way radio activity. C.K
  • (F)    Enjoyed my time learning new skills that were demonstrated in a fun & effective way; best part of course – knowledge was explained in an engaging way. C.P
  • (F)   Clear explanations of relevant information & good understanding of course; best part of course – awareness & knowledge of security industry. M.B


  • (FP)   The trainer was clear & very helpful; made sure we all understood before moving onto things I need to feel ready for work; practical was very helpful – T.M
  • (F)      Everything was well explained and taught – how to use 2-way radios; fill out time sheets; learning experience was great and everything was well explained and set out. A.D
  • (F)      Great. C.F


  • (F)       Instructor is well knowledged & experienced; course presentation was relevant and communicated effectively; feel confident to take knowledge into the security workforce. Small group of participants & relaxed learning atmosphere. J.O
  • (FP)     The examples of an incident we might come across in the workplace. M.E
  • (F)       All of it.  A.B


  • (FP)      Very good – I feel I learnt alot & was given the right training. Z.E
  • (FP)      Knowledge & confidence. Rob’s ability to pass his experiences in security industry to (us) students. M.P
  • (F)        Good – best part of the whole program was whole course. J.G
  • (FP)      Trainer provided great support & backup to providing support when required both by email & phone. P.M
  • (F)        Great learning experience; fulfilled all my requirements; I gained skills required to switch to security sector. S.D
  • (FP)      Very happy with trainer support; my face to face delivery experience was fantastic. T.H


  • (FP)     Enjoyed the course, tuition was excellent. G.B
  • (F)       Fantastic work Rob – again what a fantastic job; very satisfied with training; A++; outstanding. R.N
  • (R)       Rob was very professional in all aspects of the course. T.K
  • (F)    Trainer is very helpful & motivational; helps us know how to handle emergency situations; how to defend yourself according to laws. This course is already at its best. K.S

Key: (F) Full Program / (FP) QLD funded Certificate 3 Guarantee Program component; (R) Refresher

First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refreshers


  • (FP)  Trainer was very clear with his training instructions and got the class involved; best part of the course – learning CPR compressions. M.F
  • (FP)  Was good with positive feedback; best part of the course – learning proper CPR. T.AF
  • (FP)  Was spot on; ability to perform CPR confidently. M.E
  • (FP)  Trainer was very supportive in showing compression technique; best part of the course – learnt compression technique properly. K.E
  • (FP)  Yip – was nice and helpful; learnt a lot to help me with first aid; best part of the course – CPR. J.W
  • (F)    Great support, new ways of CPR; best part of course – refresh of CPR. R.B
  • (FP)  Valuable support from trainer who is very experienced; learnt several new first aid techniques I wasn’t aware of; best part of the course – learning the new content which has changed in ten years. H.J
  • (FP)  Very good; best part of the course – knowing how to respond i.e AED & CPR – hands-on training. K.B
  • (R)    Best part of the course – learning new things and learning the correct way to do things. J.E


  • (FP)  Awesome; extra knowledge. M.O
  • (R)   Great experience, well done; best part of the course – trainer knowledge of first aid. D.H
  • (FP)  Amazing, great; best part of the course – Rob. L.T
  • (FP)  Learning experience outcome – good knowledge; best part of the course – the way that Rob teaches. M.A
  • (FP)  Very good trainer who explains well; learnt more about CPR – best part of the course – helpful trainer. G.M
  • (R)   Good experience provided easy understandable training experience; the trainer gave positive communication and explanations, giving me confidence to do first aid/CPR; best part of the course – having the ability to apply first aid/CPR & to deal with accidents; best part of the course – having a capable trainer in a casual atmosphere who was eager to help and explain the tasks. J.W
  • (FP)  Well conducted, friendly, clear & to the point; everyone had a chance to touch, feel & partake in the exercises; best part of the course – listen to other people’s views and experiences. D.A


  • (FP)  Trainer provided very clear & easily understandable training experience; was friendly & relaxed & very enjoyable. I believe the training will allow me to provide confident & competent first aid/CPR; best part of the course – casual atmosphere & a confident & capable trainer. D.P
  • (FP)  Very clear & direct, excellent communication & eager to help & explain; learning experience was positive with communication & explanations of tasks required; best part of the course – hands-on experience, clear verbal instructions, goes the extra steps to explain & make sure we all understood what was expected. L.O
  • (FP)  I am confident administering CPR & enjoyed learning about other aspects of applying first aid (injuries); best part of the course – learning better about the workings of the body & how to deal with accidents. M.S
  • (FP)  Very interactive, with learning experience of being confident I would be of value to patient; best part of the course – clear teaching. M.Mc
  • (R)   The trainer was very good at teaching his knowledge in an easy to understand way; best part of the course – how open the conversation was in the various topics. A.C
  • (R)   Very good; the best part of the course – the trainer. K.D
  • (FP)  Very professional in engaging with class; provided thorough understanding of first aid/CPR requirements. G.N
  • (FP)  Very clear, helpful, easy to understand; best part of the course – practicals. H.Mc
  • (F)     A+++. S.D
  • (R)    Trainer so helpful & full of knowledge; best part of course – practical hands-on & good refresher. J.P


  • (FP)  Best part of the course – gaining & demonstrating correct CPR & use of an AED. C.W
  • (FP)  Trainer explained all the content really well & I feel confident in applying first aid/CPR; best part of the course – doing practical demonstrations to enforce knowledge. J.K
  • (FP)  Trainer has great knowledge, friendly, helpful & supportive; learnt new things & great info given. S.H
  • (F)    Easy to understand & engaging personality from the trainer made the course interesting & easy to follow; skills necessary for my career & life; best part of the course – enjoyable practical elements & easy to understand knowledge. C.P
  • (R)   Very informative; best part of the course – structure & practical sessions. D.N
  • (R)   Excellent; best part of this course – relaxed environment. J.H
  • (FP)  Awesome – trainer really demonstrated thoroughly CPR etc.. V.B
  • (F)    Trainer was excellent & delivered effectively & professionally; best part of course – CPR demonstration & participation. M.C
  • (R)    I would recommend people go to Regal Training; best part of course – practical learning. B.B


  • (FP)     The support was great & quick; best part of the course was First Aid. M.B
  • (F)        Great course; clearly presented & taught; able to apply the new skills I’ve learnt; best part of the course was practical assessments. M.R
  • (FP)      Practical information given & taught very effectively – thoroughly enjoyed & in-depth. V.T.V

Key: (S) Security Firearms Safety; (N) 10618NAT – Firearms Safety; (ARQ) Annual Re-Qualification – (S) & (N)

Security Firearms Safety and Annual Re-Qualification Course


  • (S) Really good mix of theory and practical with good help running through everything thoroughly; best part of the course – practical & shooting range. L.D


  • (ARQ / S) Good team who helped me when I needed it; learning experience very good; best part of the course – it was easy to follow and painless, process solid instructions. J.J.C
  • (ARQ / S) Fantastic trainer explaining and showing what to do with very good instructions; learning experience all positive, experience learnt in safe environment; best part of the course – learning safely to expand skill set. J.S


  • (S) Good experience, very informative. A.M


  • (S) Great support, explained all course principles in detail outlining the important concepts; learning experience from situations that instructor had experienced himself was very useful & great to relate to it. Best part of the course – great respectful atmosphere existing with the instructor & students. M.E
  •  (S) The staff are great! Trainer worked through the information clearly & assists further when needed, with the learning experience provided in a well though out manner. Best part of the course – the hands-on exercises regarding the application of handcuffs, to striping & cleaning of the firearms. J.D
  • (S) Great support, trusted skills & knowledge; very knowledgable, answered every question without doubt; best part of the course – explained in detail & made sure we understood everything. J.H
  • (S) One-on-one course instruction was helpful & taught me to be confident with semi-auto handgun. Best part of the course – actual using the weapon & instructions. M.H
  • (ARQ) (S) Professional. R.C
  • (ARQ) (S) Great trainer – makes assessments enjoyable. P.C


2017/2018 - Student Program/Course evaluation feedback

2018/2017 – Current student feedback available on the Program & Courses page

Student’s complete post-course Evaluation Forms with option of feedback inclusion on this website.

Key: Program component or Course – (F) Full Program; (FP) QLD funded Certificate 3 Guarantee program component ;  (SF) Security function (upgrade); (R) Refresher

Security function; First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refresher Courses

  • (F)   I’ve done a heap of courses in the past & the security course was by far the most interesting course I’ve done so far. M.S
  • (R)   Regal Instructors are awesome. They made the course easy & fun. I’ll be doing all of my refreshers with them. B.E
  • (R)   If you need to do any of the courses they have then just do it with Regal, I send everyone I know there because I know they’ll enjoy the course & not get ripped off by the other companies out there. A.J
  • I highly recommend Regal Training to anyone considering one of their courses. I did the Armed Robbery awareness course with my team & it was an incredibly worthy investment. K.G
  • (P)   I did my Security Course, First Aid & CPR, Bodyguard, Monitoring & Cash in Transit Course with Regal. I don’t often recommend anyone but I have no hesitation in recommending Regal Training to anyone who is seeking an affordable, fun & interactive training course to further their career. It made learning easy. A.R
  • (R)   Security Course = Best course ever. Thanks guys. C.W
  • (FP) They gave me everything I needed to successfully complete the course. Thanks to the team at Regal. J.E

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