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What Regal Training students told us of their first aid/CPR & security functions ‘on-the-job’ task skills & security licence refresher training experiences!  

Regal student course evaluation feedback (student file and/or on webpage); ASQA student participation survey responses; post-program 3 monthly survey and direct feedback from security providers and business owners ensures we continue to monitor & review the quality of program/course induction, support, delivery & assessment ethos for highly effective blended learning methods for attainment of nationally recognised qualifications/SoA certifications as an engaging, empowering and memorable learning experience!!

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Student I.D Key: (F) Full Program; (FP) Funded Program;  (SF) Security function (upgrade); (R) Refresher

26 June: First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refresher (10 students)

  • (FP)  Best part of the course – gaining & demonstrating correct CPR & use of an AED. C.W
  • (FP)  Trainer explained all the content really well & I feel confident in applying first aid/CPR; best part of the course – doing practical demonstrations to enforce knowledge. J.K
  • (FP)  Trainer has great knowledge, friendly, helpful & supportive; learnt new things & great info given. S.H
  • (F)    Easy to understand & engaging personality from the trainer made the course interesting & easy to follow; skills necessary for my career & life; best part of the course – enjoyable practical elements & easy to understand knowledge. C.P
  • (R)   Very informative; best part of the course – structure & practical sessions. D.N
  • (R)   Excellent; best part of this course – relaxed environment. J.H

25 June:  Security function Course (5 students)

  • (FP)  Informative & transparent trainer experience in the industry; best part of course – practicality. L.G
  • (FP)  Made sure all questions/queries were answered. I now feel confident in performing all security role; best part of course – listening to real world experiences & doing practical activities. J.K
  • (FP)  Best part of course – self-paced with plenty of time to complete course with experienced trainer. G.T
  • (FP)  Trainer support was great, easy to participate & good experience stories to help understand; best part of course – practical activities e.g 2-way radio activity. C.K
  • (F)    Enjoyed my time learning new skills that were demonstrated in a fun & effective way; best part of course – knowledge was explained in an engaging way. C.P

24 June: Security function Course (4 students)

  • (F)   Clear explanations of relevant information & good understanding of course; best part of course – awareness & knowledge of security industry. M.B

12 June: First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refresher (7 students)

  • (FP)  Awesome – trainer really demonstrated thoroughly CPR etc.. V.B
  • (F)    Trainer was excellent & delivered effectively & professionally; best part of course – CPR demonstration & participation. M.C
  • (R)    I would recommend people go to Regal Training; best part of course – practical learning. B.B

30 May: Security function Course

  • (FP)   The trainer was clear & very helpful; made sure we all understood before moving onto things I need to feel ready for work; practical was very helpful – T.M

27 May: Security function Course

  • (F)      Everything was well explained and taught – how to use 2-way radios; fill out time sheets; learning experience was great and everything was well explained and set out. A.D
  • (F)      Great. C.F

30 April: Security function Course

  • (F)       Instructor is well knowledged & experienced; course presentation was relevant and communicated effectively; feel confident to take knowledge into the security workforce. Small group of participants & relaxed learning atmosphere. J.O
  • (FP)     The examples of an incident we might come across in the workplace. M.E
  • (F)       All of it.  A.B

20 March: First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refresher

  • (FP)     The support was great & quick; best part of the course was First Aid. M.B
  • (F)        Great course; clearly presented & taught; able to apply the new skills I’ve learnt; best part of the course was practical assessments. M.R
  • (FP)      Practical information given & taught very effectively – thoroughly enjoyed & in-depth. V.T.V

05 March: Security function Course

  • (FP)      Very good – I feel I learnt alot & was given the right training. Z.E
  • (FP)      Knowledge & confidence. Rob’s ability to pass his experiences in security industry to (us) students. M.P
  • (F)        Good – best part of the whole program was whole course. J.G
  • (FP)      Trainer provided great support & backup to providing support when required both by email & phone. P.M

03 March: Security function Course

  • (F)        Great learning experience; fulfilled all my requirements; I gained skills required to switch to security sector. S.D
  • (FP)      Very happy with trainer support; my face to face delivery experience was fantastic. T.H

20 February: Security function Course

  • (FP)     Enjoyed the course, tuition was excellent. G.B
  • (F)       Fantastic work Rob – again what a fantastic job; very satisfied with training; A++; outstanding. R.N
  • (R)       Rob was very professional in all aspects of the course. T.K

19 February: Security function Course

  • (F)    Trainer is very helpful & motivational; helps us know how to handle emergency situations; how to defend yourself according to laws. This course is already at its best. K.S

2017 – 2018

Security function; First Aid/CPR & Refresher; Security function Refresher Courses

  • I’ve done a heap of courses in the past & the security course was by far the most interesting course I’ve done so far. M.S
  • Regal Instructors are awesome. They made the course easy & fun. I’ll be doing all of my refreshers with them. B.E
  • If you need to do any of the courses they have then just do it with Regal, I send everyone I know there because I know they’ll enjoy the course & not get ripped off by the other companies out there. A.J
  • I highly recommend Regal Training to anyone considering one of their courses. I did the Armed Robbery awareness course with my team & it was an incredibly worthy investment. K.G
  • I did my Security Course, First Aid & CPR, Bodyguard, Monitoring & Cash in Transit Course with Regal. I don’t often recommend anyone but I have no hesitation in recommending Regal Training to anyone who is seeking an affordable, fun & interactive training course to further their career. It made learning easy. A.R
  • Security Course = Best course ever. Thanks guys. C.W
  • They gave me everything I needed to successfully complete the course. Thanks to the team at Rega. J.E

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