Security services come in many forms and are required for a multitude of different purposes. Sometimes it can be on a more personal level, such as with VIP security or bodyguard services. However, two of the more common security services that are often required are:

  1. Static security
  2. Crowd control

While qualified and experienced security personnel are required for each, these two types of security can be quite different, requiring knowledge and skills to cope effectively and efficiently in each scenario.

Let’s briefly look at what’s required in each situation.

Static Security Services

You see static security guards just about everywhere. Quite possibly it is the most common form of security services there is. Static security guards take a post inside and outside banks, at convenience stores, patrolling industrial areas and housing estates, manning at post at security gates. You will also find security guards in hospitals, on public transport, around government buildings and resource projects. Even construction sites.

They’re everywhere.

The role of the static security guard is to essentially man a post to make sure unauthorised people don’t enter a premises or restricted area, the protection of property, check credentials, diffuse any potential trouble or disputes, and generally just keep a keen eye on everything.

Static security guards are there to protect everyone and everything within their designated zone and jurisdiction.

Crowd Control Security Services

In some ways crowd control can be similar when the crowd is still, as guards are statically keeping an eye on things, but is quite different when crowds are actually on the move.

Crowd control security services are found in all major events, such as:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Political summits
  • Community functions
  • Festivals
  • Revelry (such as New year’s Eve)
  • Private parties and functions

Crowd control security services will often both direct crowds in the direction they are to travel as well as be a source of information. Just as importantly, crowd control is on hand to quell any disruption to proceedings, nullify fights and disputes, and maintain a high level of order so everyone can enjoy the event and nothing gets out of hand.

This type of security can be particularly challenging when trouble erupts, and it takes a team of highly skilled professionals to effectively manage large crowds with a minimum of trouble or personal injury.

Quality Security Services – Gold Coast and Brisbane

Whether you require the services of static security guards or effective and professional crowd control for your event, the team to call on both in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast is Regal Security & Industry Training.

Our team of highly-trained security personnel are fully equipped to handle any security task, and we particularly excel in crowd control situations and static security posts. We set the bar very high in this industry and guarantee you the most efficient and effective security services available.

Regal Security is your #1 security company in South-East Queensland.

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