VIP security differs from regular crowd control or static security services. With this specialist kind of security, security guards or bodyguards are personally responsible for the protection of a celebrity or person of notoriety.

There can be many reasons why famous people and celebrities might be targeted and need protection:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Stalking
  • Political aspirations

To name just a few of the common ones.

VIP security services are there to both protect the VIP, while at the same time ensuring fans and other people keep their distance. This kind of security also helps to guarantee at least some semblance of privacy while the celebrity is at home or on location somewhere.

Even if there is no immediate danger, over-enthusiastic fans can also cause concerns when they get too close to a popular VIP, movie star or pop star.

The main advantage of hiring specialist VIP security services is the experience and expertise that comes with the territory.

Regal Elite Protection Squad (R.E.P.S)

The Regal Elite Protection Squad provides exceptional personal security services without compromise. When you choose Regal Security for your VIP protection, your safety is guaranteed in any environment and at all locations.

Groomed for the most sensitive and important roles, our team of security professionals are highly trained in the specialist art of VIP security and, just as importantly, our security guards are equipped with first class interpersonal skills and have immaculate presentation. When you enlist the aid of the Regal Elite Protection Squad, you are not hiring cowboys, but a world class security team of highly trained professionals.

If you are high profile individual or group visiting the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas, get in touch with the local experts at R.E.P.S. Together we will discuss your requirements and formulate a customised security plan to satisfy your needs and guarantee your complete safety for the duration of your stay.

Our services are discreet, professional and first class. All our staff receive ongoing training, coaching and mentoring and are involved in elite tactical training provided by martial arts experts and ex-military personnel.

You are in exceptional hands when you enlist the protect of Regal Security’s Regal Elite Protection Squad.

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