While a bodyguard is a form of security guard, a security guard isn’t necessarily a bodyguard. The two roles may have duties that overlap, but the duties of a bodyguard can be quite different to those offered in more standard security services roles.

A Bodyguard Explained

The role of a bodyguard was made particularly famous and high profile by the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston 1990’s movie of the same name. Bodyguards became a glamorous career choice. While the film was a work of fiction, it certainly helped to gain some much-deserved recognition for the vital roles bodyguards play.

Basically a bodyguard is a more up close and personal security guard. Generally a bodyguard is assigned the role of protecting one particular person only, although there may be several people assigned to their care. A classic example of a bodyguard would be someone who is almost always by the side of a celebrity or otherwise famous individual. The bodyguard ensures the safety of this person at all times and also helps to maintain some personal space between their client and the crowds of fans and media. In this case the bodyguard is acting in the role of VIP security.

Who might require a bodyguard?

  • Celebrities
  • Pop stars
  • Movie stars
  • Politicians
  • Wealthy people
  • People who have received threats
  • Anyone famous

The above list covers just some of the types of people who may require the professional services of an experience bodyguard, either some of the time or all of the time.

Apart from the personal protection the bodyguard offers the client directly, other duties of the bodyguard may include:

  • Checking of vehicles for any sign of danger
  • Walking drills to ensure the safe entrance and exit of buildings
  • Planning of travel routes, either on foot or in a vehicle
  • Checking buildings and hotel rooms before the client enters
  • Threat assessments
  • Contingency plans

Just to name a few.

The role of a bodyguard is an extremely important one, and clients want to know they are being protected by highly-skilled professionals who have been expertly trained in the art of VIP security services.

And that’s where the training supplied by Regal Security & Industrial Training really comes into its own.

Bodyguard – Unit of Competency

Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, Regal Security & Industry Training has specialised security courses for just about all forms of security. We also offer the:

Bodyguard – Unit of Competency

With 22 years of experience, your instructors will provide you with the ultimate in training techniques to ensure you excel in your chosen career as a personal bodyguard or VIP security personnel.

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