Security in all its forms is an industry that is always in demand. Whether it’s the need for static security guards, crowd control experts, VIP security services, K9 security and many others, choosing the security industry as a career means you will likely always been in employment in one facet of the industry or another.

Static Security Services

Quite possibly the role of the static security guard is one of the most common the industry has to offer. Security guards are everywhere:

  • Banks
  • Industrial zones
  • Housing estates
  • Events
  • Schools and universities
  • Stores
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants and bars

If you take note, you really will see static security guards literally all over the place. The police can’t be everywhere, and that’s where static security services really comes into its own.

Crowd Control

There are always events of one kind or another happening in South-East Queensland, so there is plenty of work for crowd control security services. Whether it be music festivals, special occasions, private parties, government officials attending a summit, sporting events and more, crowd control requirements are commonplace, so you can always be assured of a steady stream of work opportunities.

VIP Security

This is more in the role of a bodyguard and requires the security officer to engage in a more personal role with those they are charged with protecting.

Would you like to be personally responsible for the next pop star or celebrity that comes to town? That’s the kind of role VIP security services are enlisted for; protecting famous people, and/or those who could come under threat for any number of reasons.

Cash In Transit

These men and women ensure that the cash and other valuables in armoured vehicles gets safely from point A to point B. Think of this as a static security guard role while being on the move. A good choice for those who don’t enjoy being situated in the one place all day or night.

K9 Security

If you love spending time with mans’ best friend, then a K9 security role might be the career choice for you.

As a K9 security guard, both you and your highly trained dog will be responsible for protecting property, people and premises. One dog and handler can effectively perform the role of a number of security guards. Spend your days or nights patrolling the neighbourhood with your best friend, keeping everyone and everything safe in the process.

Train With Regal Security & Industry Training

We are the premier security training company on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, with a wide range of courses covering just about everything a career in the security sector has to offer. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to discuss your options for a career in this satisfying and versatile industry.

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