Security in one form or another is just about everywhere these days if you observe your surroundings. Even many modern housing estates have a security guard manning the gate or patrolling the grounds after dark. In a world of ever-increasing crime rates, the need for security services continues to increase and expand.

Now more than ever it’s a great time to get involved in the business and choose a role in security as your next career move. But which role suits you best? After all, you not only want to be good at your job, but you want to enjoy your work as well.

Some common roles of a security guard include:

Static security
Crowd control
K9 security
Mobile security patrols
VIP security
Cash in transit
With a career and training in the security services industry, some even branch off into fields such as private investigation, or go on to establish their very own security firms. This industry is growing all the time, so there’s always going to be work available for security personnel in all formats.

If you prefer to be on the go, then a role in static security might feel a bit restrictive. Other personality types prefer the more sedentary role of static security detail. For those who don’t like to be stuck in the same location day after day, K9 security – where you get to go on patrol with man’s best friend – or VIP security might be more up your alley. The cash in transit role enables you to get out and about as well, but comes with the increased risk of being responsible for large sums of money. Still, it can be a more exciting detail.

If you decide to become a specialist in VIP security, you could find yourself up close and personal with some of the world’s most famous people when they come to visit the area. As a VIP security guard it is your job to attend to the needs and protection of the VIP and sometimes their entourage. This can be a very interesting, varied and rewarding career for those in the industry.

If you want to get into security, take a little time to really consider the options and what would suit your personality type the most. Sometimes you might start out in a more passive and static role, but if you have the ambition to go further, you can get there with the right attitude, motivation and proper training.

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