Human beings might have the superior brain power out of all of Earth’s creatures, but that’s about where the superiority ends. When it comes to all 5 senses and physical abilities, there are animals everywhere that can beat us hands down.

We are all very aware of the inherent abilities that dogs have, most notably their enhanced hearing ability and their incredible sense of smell. When you combine these two exceptional skills with training and a handler the dog trusts with its life, you have a very formidable combination.

A dog’s abilities don’t stop with hearing and smelling. Many have keen eyesight, are powerfully built, have sharp instincts and are extremely agile.

But possibly the greatest asset in a dog is found within its nature. It wants to please its master and will do just about anything for its master’s approval. When this attitude is combined with good training, and the dog is under the command of a respectable handler or owner, this leads to the dog being highly trainable to perform certain tasks on command, without fail. And it is this ability – along with all of a dog’s other assets – that make certain dogs the perfect choice for guard duty and security services.

At Regal Security & Industry Training on the Gold Coast, we have our highly trained K9 Squad to look after your business premises, your property,  or even people. We can even have our security guards and K9’s patrol your event to help keep it secure and the crowd under control. Sometimes an agitated person will want to argue with another person, such as a security guard, but are far less likely to argue with a German Shepherd.

All handlers and dogs in our K9 Squad have been meticulously trained to the highest standards. While our dogs are there to help protect businesses, property and people, they are also highly obedient to their handlers.

You can trust our security guards and you can trust our dogs.

CCTV and alarm systems are wise security choices, but they are not the complete solution to effective security. Have peace of mind knowing that our K9 Squad is on duty patrolling the area. Call us today and enlist our 24 hour security services.

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