Television has made the private investigator career path look very glamorous, and sometimes it can be, but there are actually many industries where the skills and abilities of a good private investigator can be utilised. Some examples are:

  • Insurance investigator
  • Fraud investigator
  • Workplace investigator
  • Missing persons
  • Public liability investigations
  • Private investigator

Just to name a select few of the opportunities in this versatile and much-needed field.

As a trained and operating private investigator, you have the choice to work for yourself, or be employed by a company to work on their behalf. Many investigators work as subcontractors for large companies, getting to the bottom of issues within the organisation, sometimes working undercover.

It can be a very rewarding and extremely interesting career choice that can send you on a different investigative path every single week. Your job will never feel boring as there are always new and interesting cases becoming available and brand new challenges.

While every case might not come close to living the life of James Bond, there can be moments of excitement and glamour in this industry, no doubt about it. As a private investigator, every day will be like a new adventure. One day you could be doing covert surveillance with your camera in hand, and the next you could be roaming the streets of the city at night, interviewing potential witnesses or those who have further information on your current case.

If you’ve always had a desire to become a private investigator, but just haven’t actually taken the first step, then make the dream a reality by getting the right training and be on your way toward a brand new career and a whole new way of life.

Private Investigation and Security Courses With Regal Security & Industry Training

If you reside in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas, then get in touch with Regal Security & Industry Training. We don’t just provide security guards and some of the best security services in the business, we also provide exceptional industry training, security courses and courses in private investigation.

In order to apply for the QLD Security Private Investigator Licence, you first need to have completed the CPP30607 CIII in Investigative Services. And that’s one of the many courses our expert and experienced instructors teach at Regal Security. This is a nationally recognised qualification.

Live the dream. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to discuss your options of becoming a real life private investigator. You might even like to consider a career as a bodyguard or VIP security. The choice is yours.