While your business premises might feel very secure during daylight hours when operations are in full swing, it can be the complete opposite after dark once everyone has gone home and you have shut up shop.

Here are some tips to help keep your business premises secure after hours.

Don’t Leave Cash On the Premises

This one is really a no brainer. Thieves like “portable wealth”, stuff that’s easy to carry, and cash is the very best kind. When other items are lifted, they then have to be sold and converted into cash. Don’t make things easy for potential intruders, and don’t tempt any of your employees by blatantly leaving cash around.

Lighting Is Important

Thieves and vandals love moving about under the cover of darkness. Therefore, a business that is cloaked in darkness makes for a perfect target. When the premises are well lit – including having some internal lights on – it’s a major deterrent to most intruders.

Use Quality Locks

Cheap locks won’t keep a determined intruder out. Locks are worth spending a bit of money on, and this includes locks for the windows and not just the doors.

Install An Alarm System

Quality locks and a well lit area are a great start, but installing an alarm system takes things up a level. The harder you can make it for thieves or intruders to get in, the better. No undesirable is going to hang about with an alarm screaming in their ears.

Only Give Keys and Alarm Codes To Trusted Employees

You will likely need to allow other staff access to the business premises, but be very careful about the employees you actually give out keys and alarm codes to. You want to be sure they are the most trusted, and preferably have worked for you for some time.

Install CCTV

Just the sight of cameras around the perimeter of the building can often be enough to repel potential break and enters. CCTV also gives you footage of everything that’s been going on after hours, and many of these systems can be hooked up to the internet so you can monitor things from home if need be.

Hire Regal Security

To really top off your complete business security agenda, it’s a wise idea to hire professional security services like those offered by Regal Security & Industry Training. We service both the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. All our security guards and staff are highly trained professionals with years of experience.

So when thinking security Brisbane or security Gold Coast, be sure to give Regal Security a call first. We can supply you with static security guards or mobile K9 patrols.

Your complete protection is our guarantee.

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