There can be many different career choices and possibilities in the security services industry; from static security guards, crowd control, VIP security and cash in transit security guards, just to name a few.

When some people think of the “cash in transit” role, images from armoured car heists in Hollywood movies often spring to mind. While these movies can be entertaining, they also serve to tarnish the image of this essential industry, making it look like an unsafe work environment, when really the opposite is true.

In Australia, incidences involving armoured vehicles or security guards encountering trouble during the transfer of cash to ATMs and banks is extremely rare. While incidences can occur, there is more chance of being attacked by a shark when swimming at the beach than there is of being involved in an armed hold up.

All facets of the security industry come with some element of risk. Any industry where the protection of people and property is involved is never going to be totally risk-free. The bouncer working in the local night club is more likely to face a physical encounter than a cash in transit security guard.

All in all it’s a very safe and secure industry to work in and it can be a very rewarding career. Training for this role opens up even more job opportunities for those who have entered (or are considering entering) the security services business.

The key to being successful, and safe, in the role of a cash in transit security guard is to be expertly trained; so you have the confidence and the skills to do the job competently and safely.

Popular One Day Course

Regal Security & Industry Training is based on the Gold Coast, and we offer a very popular one day training course for those individuals looking for a career as a cash in transit security officer.
Cash In Transit Licence Function Course

This course is an add on for those who have already completed their security guard training, and have the Qld Security Guard Firearms License. All of this training can be accomplished with Regal Security as well.

Cash in transit security services is a safe industry to work in. Those security guards who would prefer to be mobile, working in different locations throughout the day, would likely enjoy this role more than being placed somewhere statically. It’s definitely worth looking into, so get in touch today to discuss your options.

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