CPP30607 Program or RPL Program Pathway


On completion of the enrolment process, the Program Portfolio Kit including LLN and Employability Skills Checklist is provided for completion, resulting in recieving the Program Learner Kit resources  for home-based self-paced completion and workbook return in person or email for assessment and feedback. Your qualified assessor is available to support your queries and evidence workbook resource collation by phone, email or in person.

Specific knowledge and task skill learning ensures the Rules of Evidence are met in the assessment process to Australian Qualification Framework AQF CIII competency level and ASQA RTO Standards for RTOs 2015.

We all learn at different rates and ability to accumulate program activities for assessment, dependant on relevant prior/current core skills, and underpinning skills and knowledge transferrable to private investigator competency in the security sector identified in Portfolio Kit employability skills self-checklist responses in the enrolment process, supporting ASQA Standard One Clause 1.4: CIII volume of learning: CPP30607 CIII in Investigative Services: 1 – 2 years or 1200 – 2400 hours

Program Pathway

Learner Kit Resources

  • Introduction Kit with the qualification Unit of Competency Element Performance criteria descriptors and assessment activity types
  • Learner Kit: CPP30607 Training Manuals and Workbooks for computer-based learning

Equipment provided by participant to gather Workbook activity requirements for assessment purposes

Recognition of Prior Learning Program Pathway

Recommended for participants with previous experience, acknowledging skills & knowledge acquired in life, learning & work experiences!

Streamlined recognition process for prospective candidates, the RPL Kit resources are designed for completion in your own time at home in conjunction with the Program Course requirements, as required to validate prior, recent or current private investigator task skills and knowledge; assessor observing your task skills in action, confirmed by your recent or current manager. 

  • Call for an initial enquiry to discuss your RPL suitability - your competency conversation of self-assessing recent/current life, learning and work experience to the program competency requirements! Attend our office with completed program Enrolment Form, support documents for our J.P verification and fee payment.
  • On completion of the enrolment process, the Program Portfolio Kit including LLN and Employability Skills Checklist is provided for completion, resulting in recieving the RPL Kit resource pack via email or USB for home-based self-paced completion - no delays - start completing straight away!
  • Return completed RPL Kit resources in person or email for feedback and assessment to include in your secured electronic Portfolio Kit to record your enrolment, RPL Kit assessment, feedback, unit gap solutions, if required and certification process.

Our Assessors provide timely support and feedback - from your RPL initial enquiry to assessment process meeting ASQA Standards for RTOs 2015

RPL Kit Resources

  • RPL Introduction Kit - task-based RPL, Evidence Assessment Type descriptions and Mapping process
  • RPL Evidence Portfolio Document List - to identify Direct, In-Direct and Historical Evidence Assessment Type documents
  • RPL Unit Mapping Checklist for evidence portfolio document critical aspects to each Unit Element Performance criteria descriptors and required skills and knowledge

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