CII / CIII Security Program Package: Qualification Unit Titles


1)  CPP20212 - CII in Security Operations SoA

  • HLTFA311A Apply First Aid
  • CPPSEC2011B Control access to and exit from premises
  • CPPSEC2012A Monitor and control crowd behaviour
  • CPPSEC2014A Operate basic security equipment
  • CPPSEC2015A Patrol premises
  • Crowd Control Licence Function Kit - included in CPP30411 Program

2)  CPP30411 - CIII in Security Operations

  • BSBFLM303C   Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • BSBWOR301A Organise personal work priorities and development
  • CPPSEC3001A Maintain workplace safety in the security industry
  • CPPSEC3005A Prepare and present security documentation and reports
  • CPPSEC3006A Coordinate a quality security service to customers, and
    • Crowd Control Licence Function Kit
      • CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation
      • CPPSEC3003A Determine response to security risk situation
      • CPPSEC3007A Maintain security of environment
      • CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques
    • Bodyguard Licence Function Kit
      • CPPSEC3018A Provide for safety of personal risk
    • Monitoring Licence Function Kit
      • CPPSEC3020A Monitor security from control room
    • Cash-In-Transit Function Kit
      • CPPSEC3050A Load and unload cash in transit in an unsecured environment
      • CPPSEC3051A Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
      • CPPSEC3052A Inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment

3)  SITHFAB002 Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA

  • QLD OLGR mandatory certification requirement for Crowd Control Officers at liquor licenced premises, venues, festivals, shows, private functions

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