CPP30411 RPL Program

Confirm prior/current skills & knowledge acquired in life, learning & work experiences verified transferrable to your security sector career!


Recognition of Prior Learning Program Pathway

Streamlined recognition process for prospective candidates, the RPL Kit resources are designed for completion in your own time at home to validate transferrable recent/current work, training and life experiences to security licence function task skills and knowledge with your assessor observing your task skills in action at work, or a suitable location, confirmed by your recent or current manager. This component is to confirm competency of qualification unit/s element and performance criteria descriptors and specific task skill active demonstration ensuring the Rules of Evidence are met in the RPL evidence assessment process to Australian Qualification Framework AQF CIII competency levels.

  • Have an initial enquiry discussion with your experienced security industry trainer to confirm RPL pathway suitability - competency conversation to self-assess your recent/current life, learning and work experiences transferrable to program competency requirements
  • Complete enrolment process and receive your CPP30411 RPL Kit resource pack via email or USB for home-based self-paced completion - no delays - start completing straight away!
  • Return completed RPL Kit resources in person or email for assessment and timely feedback from your RPL initial enquiry to supporting assessment type completion to meet the assessment process to ASQA Standards for RTOs 2015

CPP30411 RPL Kit resources

  • Introduction Kit detailing task-based RPL process, Evidence Assessment Type descriptions and evidence mapping process
  • RPL Evidence Portfolio Document List - to identify your Direct, In-Direct and Historical Evidence support documents for updating the
  • RPL Unit Mapping Checklist for evidence portfolio document critical aspects to each Unit Element Performance criteria descriptors and required skills and knowledge

SITHFAB002 Reponsible Service of Alcohol and HLTAID003 Provide First Aid /CPR Statement of Attainments  if currently completed, will be discussed during RPL initial query conversation with your assessor. If not completed, full course completion will be required.

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