CPP20212 Blended Program Pathway

We all have different learning styles - and work, training & life experiences!

Designed to acknowledge adult learning styles - 'Read, Listen, Watch, Do', supporting your ability to learn new skills and tasks, and transfer skills, tasks and knowledge from your unique life, learning and workplace experiences to your QLD security sector career.

Experienced security trainers with 'on-the-ground' experience in a wide range of security function responsibilities, are qualified TAE trainers and assessors who acknowledge each participants' ability in the learning and assessment process to transfer prior/current work, training and life experiences to the security sector skills, task and knowledge requirements. Specific knowledge and task skill learning and active demonstration participation ensures the Rules of Evidence are met in the evidence assessment process to Australian Qualification Framework AQF CII and CIII competency levels.

Regal Security and Industry Training staff are able to clarify any queries, from your employer or yourself - the first step in your blended learning pathway!

Blended Program Pathway

On completion of the enrolment process, your Program Package Kit resources are provided for pre-course home self-paced Guide readings and workbook theory assessment type activities completion in MS or PDF format, or hardcopy - no delays - start completing straight away!

  • Return completed CPP20212, Crowd Control function Workbook and RSA course theory component in person or email for assessment and feedback prior to course attendance. Your qualified assessor is available to support your queries by phone, email or in person.
  • Attend ten full day and RSA 3 hour course with experienced security trainers sharing their own security career experiences to engage, support and empower your program participation for each security function, focusing on:
    • theory knowledge from pre-course readings and assessed workbook responses to confirm your core skills ability and confidence to provide effective, professional security services
    • active discussions, scenario activity-based learning and demonstration of skills, knowledge and techniques for assessment, designed effectively for security licence functions including crowd controller - open hand restraint techniques, liquor licenced premise/venue role play and demonstration to aid skills to real life events

Option to attend fortnightly practical demonstration workshops for Crowd Control function during the 4-6 week processing of QLD security licence application, submitted with completed qualification. Check course and workshop dates - here, or call us

  • Practice and hone your security function skills while your licence is being processed! We can confirm your participation for potential employers!
  • Network, network, network with security program participants!

Blended Program Kit resources for computer-based completion in MS or PDF format, or handwritten if preferred.


  • Learner Kit: Guide, Workbooks and support references
  • Introduction Kit: UnarmedSecurity officer and crowd control position description, Qualification unit of competency element performance criteria descriptors, including Provide First Aic / CPR – Know what you need to demonstrate you know in assessment type responses! Assessment activity type descriptions; QLD licence links and security sector employability skills and facets to ACSF core skills overview.


  • Learner Kit: Crowd Control function Guide, Workbooks and support references

RSA Course

  • Guide and Workbook with support references


Regal Security and Industry Training - 1st Floor, 1/54 Nerang Street, Southport, Gold Coast with Bus & Tram 2 minutes to venue and close car parking areas; or as detailed by their approved Third Party arrangement provider in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas.

 Program amount of training in volume of learning:

Accumulation of pre-course; course participation, home-based study/workbook activities completion, optional security function crowd control workshop attendance time and work/life responsibilities will differ, and also dependant on relevant employability skills checklist responses of prior/current work, training and life skills transferrable to the security industry as rationale supporting ASQA Standards for RTOs 2015: Standard One Clauses 1.1 – 1.2: Amount of training as part of the overall volume of learning to achieve the required rigour and depth of training to meet competency standards in a shorter period of time:

  • Core Program: CPP20212 CII in Security Operations 0.2 – 0.9 months or 600 - 1200 hours,
  • CPP30411 CIII in Security Operations Statement of Attainment: Crowd Control Licence Function; apportioned to 3 units completion
  • Add-on Course: SITHFAB002 Responsible Service of Alcohol 10 nominal hours: self-paced 7 hours, theory and practical course component 3 hours; if not already completed