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Queensland Security Licence Program Package

Unarmed Security & Crowd Control Officer Licence Functions

  Plus - First Aid/CPR and QLD Responsible Service of Alcohol Certification

There has never been a better time to join the QLD security industry and actively contribute to person and premise security and safety

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Industries: Retail,  Education,  Sport and Recreational, Corporate, Public Transport, Hospitality Health, Mining, Energy, Banking, Commercial, Construction, Aviation, Government - Council to Federal

Premises: Shopping Centres, Universities, Hospitals, Corporate, Accomodation, Government – Council to Federal Buildings. Crowd Control for Non/Liquor licenced Night Clubs and Bars, Sporting Venues, In/Outdoor Events, Private Events

  Blended, Statement of Attainment or Recognition of Prior Learning Programs

Regal Security & Industry Training Pty Ltd RTO (No. 32331) delivers and assesses QLD Security licence function, Private Investigator, First Aid/CPR, RSA and safety firearms qualifications, by qualified and highly experienced security trainers who share their own security career experiences to engage, support and empower.

We provide a safe learning environment with the ability to learn, practice and demonstrate security skills, knowledge, open hand restraints, administer First Aid/CPR and liquor licenced venue crowd control techniques with effective interpersonal, communication, security risk assessment and reporting activities for on-the-job readiness.

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Certificate II in Security Operations Program Package

Regal Security & Industry Training  has designed effective and efficient Blended and Statement of Attainment - SoA learning programs with the rigour and depth of training to enable completion self-paced in your own home during and after course participation at their venue, and self-paced Recognition of Prior Learning  -  RPL Program Kit resources to acknowledge recent/current life, learning and work experience task skills and knowledge to the security sector.  

CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations (R2) is a mandatory training requirement in the QLD Security Class 1 Licence Application process to attain

  • HLTFA311A Provide First Aid for the necessary skills and knowledge to provide first aid and CPR response in community and workplace settings
  • Unarmed Security Officer and Crowd Control licence functions with a solid understanding and demonstration of security skills, knowledge and interpersonal communication techniques to provide competent safety and security to client operational standards and legislative requirements and excel in the QLD security sector.

SITHFAB002 Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)) is a mandatory QLD OLGR Liquor certification requirement for Liquor Licencees, their employees and Security Crowd Control Officers on premises and at permitted events.  This fee free course is included for security crowd control officers in liquor licenced premises and events.

                   Select your  Program Learning Pathway

       Blended           Statement of Attainment         Recognition of Prior Learning

Select the learning pathway that best suits your life, learning and work experiences. All program Units are provided in the Program Introduction Kit and RPL Kit, with Unit Element and performance descriptors of the skills and knowledge to operate effectively and how they need to be applied to perform effectively in a workplace context available in our RTO scope listing for CPP20212  - simply open a Unit listed in the Program Package Qualification Units to view

     Program Handbook, Enrolment Form and QLD security licence application

Access here: Handbook - program eligibility, conditions, review and appeal process; Enrolment Form and QLD licence application criteria

Identification and Citizenship: Drivers Licence; 18+ Card; Credit Card with photo; Passport. 18 years or older with no convictions in past 10 years

Program Fees:            Blended: $550   |   SoA: $350    |     RPL:  $550    

Program payment options available interest-free with Certegy - call us to enquire!

              Check your Certificate 3 Guarantee CPP30411 Program Package  eligibility! 

                       Program Fees: Concessional $15 or Non-Concessional $50

Regal Security and Industry Training has RTO 3rd Party Arrangements for Security and First Aid programs with highly experienced, passionate trainers and assessors with QLD Adult Learning Solutions QALS Training, (S/Trader) Anthony Chadburn and Achieve Corporate Services ACS

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