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Contribute to high quality security and safety in the fast paced Security, P.I  and safe weapons use for new career, advancement & casual employment opportunities!               

     Competently meet QLD Licence Application training requirements!

                 Know How to Provide First Aid/CPR in an Emergency!

Enrolment & Participation conditions

Regal Security & Industry Training is a training RTO provider and NOT a CRICOS RTO provider. Information for International Students eligibility to learn in Australia - access here

Pre-Requisite:  We highly recommend a minimum of Grade 10 level of English reading and writing, and ability to meet licence application and funded program requirements.

Program and Course Handbook        

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program Handbook

  • Program and Course: Induction and Code of Conduct responsibilities; RPL, training & assessment, principles of assessment and rules of evidence, refund, review/appeal process; change of contact details
  • Download for your information and referral prior to enrolment. Confirmation of Handbook access is required in all Program and Course Enrolment Forms. 
  • Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Qualification Issuance Policy
  • Competency based training and assessment: Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence

Enrolment Forms

  • Familiarise our enrolment process, participation requirements, outcome and workshops to support your learning experience - access here
  • Select your preferred enrolment form format: PDF or MS.  Hardcopy version is available in office.

PDF | MS     Training Program Packages                                                             

  • CII SoA / CIII  Security Operations Program Package
  • CPP20212 CII  in Security Operations Program
  • CPP30411 CIII in Security Operations Program
  • CPP30607 CIII in Security Operations Program

PDF | MS     Certificate 3 Guarantee Programs                                                   

  • CII SoA / CIII  Security Operations Program Package
  • CPP30607 CIII in Security Operations Program

PDF | MS    Course and Refresh Course Enrolment Forms                             

  • Provide First Aid and CPR
  • Provide CPR
  • Responsibe Service of Alcohol - RSA
  • Security Licence Function - Bodyguard or Monitoring or Cash-In-Transit 
  • Armed Robbery Awareness
  • Refresh Security Licence Function - Crowd Control or Bodyguard
  • Provide CPR Refresh Program

PDF | MS   Youth Skills Courses

  • Provide First Aid and CPR; Provide CPR Refresh Course and 10618NAT Course in Weapons Safety. Parental/guardian consent required.

PDF | MS Firearms Safety and ReQualification Courses                           

  • 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety
  • Security Firearms Safety
  • CPP30411 - Batons and Handcuffs Course

Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL

Call us first for a confidential competency conversation on 07 5679 0110 to confirm your RPL Pathway suitability and RPL Kit: Direct, Indirect and Historial support document requirements - with our initial inquiry conversation contributing to your RPL Evidence Portfolio document list!