Your Job Prospects in the Security Industry

These days security guards are found just about everywhere. In a modern world where nothing is ever certain, the need for security services and protection has never been greater. What this means for jobseekers and those looking for a new career path is that there are plenty of employment opportunities in security services.

If you happen to live in SE Qld or are planning to relocate, do a bit of research on security jobs in Brisbane and security guard jobs Gold Coast and you will soon see there are plenty of job prospects. This is a field of work and necessity that is only likely to increase throughout the coming years, meaning there is room for growth in your career, and possibly even the opportunity to branch out into your own business down the track.

Just some areas where security guards are required include:

  • Static security - retail outlets, airports, banks, housing estates, etc.
  • Security guard detail for government buildings and events
  • Crowd control – concerts, sporting events, festivals etc.
  • K9 security – patrol an area with man’s best friend by your side
  • Cash in transit security guard
  • VIP security and bodyguard services
  • Security monitoring – such as surveillance cameras
  • Temporary security detail for private parties – birthdays, weddings etc.

The above list just touches on some of the career opportunities and areas where a qualified and well-trained security guard is often needed. If you put your mind to it and think about areas where you have seen some form of security detail in the past, you will soon realise that security is needed everywhere.

Job prospects in this industry are only going to increase, but you won’t be able to get hired or work in the business without the proper training and certification.

That’s where Regal Security & Industry Training can help. Not only are we highly experienced professional in security services, we’ve also been offering effective and comprehensive security courses for the past 2 decades. Our courses include:

  • CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations
  • CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Crowd Control / Bodyguard Refresher Course
  • Cash in Transit Course
  • Security Monitoring Course
  • Security Weapons Requalification
  • Security Firearms Safety Course
  • CPP30607 CIII in Investigative Services - Private Investigator
  • SITHFAB002 RSA Course
  • And more....

If you want to discover more about a career in security services, get in touch today and have a chat with our friendly staff. We’re only too happy to answer your questions.